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Tips for Suviving Meet-Ups (mental health help) 
26th-Jul-2011 09:57 pm
A few months back there was a post with tips for surviving loli meet ups when you suffer from chronic pain. I wondered if anyone had any advice along the same lines but for people with mental health problems?

I have Bi-Polar Affective Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Both of these contribute to me stuggling to get to meet ups in the first place (i'm scared to leave the house alone) and managing entire meets without having a panic attack or general flippy scared moments. I would love to  go to every single meet up, but it's hard as there's not always a loli friend to go with (especially if i have to get the train).

Any suggestions?

27th-Jul-2011 04:40 am (UTC)

As someone with the same and additional problems. I find it comforting if I bring something with me that is a comfort from home but small enough to carry in a bag. For me this tends to be a mlp or a small doll, if not a bag that I go out with a lot.
On transport I tend to have my iPod and big headphones on, sitting right next to the window if possible near the exit. and fidgeting with my phone helps to ignore the fact I'm alone doing this.
These are the things I tend to do, in attempts to stay calm and not loosing it, as they say.
I hope this helps you a little, if nothing else.

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