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Deco Your Heart Out! 
22nd-Aug-2012 05:41 pm
Mmm, I think this will be my first time posting to this community, with the exception of the masterpost~

I am Donni, a (mostly) gothic lolita living in Athens, GA. Athens is a super small town (from what I understand, Clarke County, where I live, is the smallest county in Georgia) and caters heavily to the students from the University of Georgia.
Two years ago, I was discharged from the United States Air Force due to damage to my legs. There is pain, 24/7, and I can't stand for long without having to sit down (even after all this time, I still can't find a comfortable sitting position), so it's assumed that nerve damage was involved. However, I was recently denied of any claims until I get a diagnosis from a doctor. The problem I have is, not only am I left with no insurance or job, but most of the sports medicine specialists won't see me because I am not a UGA student, but rather an Athens Tech student.
This is totally stressing me out ATM, and stress and I don't mix well at all. So I have been having talks with friends lately and they have mentioned decorating a cane or wheelchair for lolita wear to make myself feel better. Has anyone else here done the same thing? I have seen a few pictures around of a lolita in a wheelchair, and someone who posted awhile ago on daily lolita of their sweet-inspired cane when they broke their leg, I believe, but that's all I have to go by.
ART -- Uchuu
19th-Sep-2012 06:56 am (UTC)
Hi, Donni! So sorry to hear about your discharge and the medical runaround. I've been there and done that.

I've used a cane since I was 14 on and off. I don't know how one would deco a cane, but that's partly because I'm a raging klutz and would be too afraid to knock off the pretties when I trip or hit something or drop it. But, I have seen some (to my mind) perfect Gothic Lolita-style canes here: http://www.fashionablecanes.com

If you search "rose", three come up that I'm personally in love with. Even if you can't afford any of them, the site may give you some inspiration for your own deco project!
22nd-Sep-2012 10:07 pm (UTC)
I actually just bought a cane, along with a cameo piece, some false roses and rhinestones, so we'll see how it turns out. But those look GOOOORGEOUS, thanks so much! ;A;
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